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Hi! im Calliope (or KitCat)

new update at bottom of page :)


• FNaf
• Undertale
• Gravity Falls
• Acrane
• Cuphead
• Danganronpa
• Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss
• Oneshot
•Probably a lot more i cant think of at the moment :)


• Music! i play cello, and am learning the piano & guitar
• Art
• Gaming
• Baking
• Sleeping
• Learning how to Crochet

My Favorite Foods
(yes you needed to know this)

• Chocolate!!
• Yum Bowls
• Curry & Naan Bread
• Bread
• Chocolate
• Bread
• Dark Chocolate
• Bread
• Did i mention chocolate and bread?

Poptarts are a type of Ravioli. Nothing you say will change my mind⭐Thank you for coming to my TED-Talk :)⭐

Im no longer going by AroAce!
(well, i guess i never was aroace to begin with)
whaaaat by whyy?
because i said so, but if you want the full story-
ok so it was a lovely Thursday afternoon, the sun was shining birds where singing, and i get into an argument with my friend about Asexuality. (you know who you are) anyway i get home and decide to find some good articles and links to send to this friend. WELL, while researching i went "well shoot!" i don't think this label fits me. honestly i was just fitting the ace stereotype, not the actually label.I guess i was just accepting of the label i was told i might be once. And it just became my default when people would ask me what my sexuality was, it was also easier to tell people i was aroace if they liked me :/anyway THE END."This was a beautiful book, brought me to tears" -Steven King
"Was a truley inspiring tale" -Neil Gaiman
"One of Americas top story tellers" -Buzzfeed
"Calliope is such an amazing person, everything she does is wonderful 11/10"